No Kidding ...

After deciding on who’s made the cut (AKA guest list), breaking the news that you don’t want kids at your wedding is another one of those sensitive wedding “things”.

Let’s face it. It’s not (usually) because you don’t WANT kids there - it’s probably due to either budget considerations or the venue. Or the one I like best - you just want mum and dad to let their hair down and get jolly!

It’s OK. It REALLY is. As long as you break the news properly.

Don’t feel guilty, this is YOUR wedding and it should be exactly how YOU want it to be.

Firstly, discuss with your immediate family because I’m assuming you’ll at least want your nieces and nephews or other very close family kids there - possibly as flower girls or page boys? This is perfectly acceptable. This is about choosing who YOU want there. Let your family know what your plans are so they can help spread the word if they need to.

Secondly, start to spread the word early. Throw it in to conversation over your weekly coffee catch up with friends or when you’re having a few drinks with friends on Saturday night. Let’s face it - all you’ll talk about until the wedding is over is THE WEDDING!

It’s very important to start letting people know early. Whilst at first they may be a little disappointed, they’ll at least appreciate the time to get themselves a sitter. When they get over their hurt feelings and realise they’ll be having a KID FREE NIGHT, they’ll be sure to get pretty damn excited!

Now, to formalise it. What do you put on the invitations? I certainly recommend including a line somewhere in your invitation suite. If you feel you’ve covered your close friends and family face to face, then maybe not a must have. But I think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It could be something as simple as “we respectfully request no children at our wedding” at the bottom of the invitation. Or maybe something a little more fun like “We love them to bits, but please no kids so mum and dad can kick it for a night!”. Oh and don’t put it on the RSVP card if you’re having them returned to you. People will “forget”.

Finally, stand firm on your decision! Don’t let people convince you that they need to bring their kids. Don’t cave. This is where you will start to upset people if you let others intimidate you or convince you that they NEED to bring their kids. Nope. No. Na ah.


Until next time. Eva x

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    It’s a sensitive topic, but it is nice having a night out without the kiddies every now and then!

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